Clans are a group of players following a common theme or goal and are a very important part of Aardwolf. Clans have many features not commonly found among other worlds: their own donation, healing, jail, and recall rooms; separate bank accounts into which members can deposit gold and quest points; optional tax rates to raise income from their members; clan-only skills and spells; clan morgues, where members' corpses go upon death; clan equipment, including armor, potions, and transporters; clan guards and mazes; and exits to some of the harder or more distant places in the mud to reach.

Each clan has specific requirements for joining, promotions, and remaining in that clan. These are decided upon by the clan when it is created, but may change slightly over time. To see these requirements, type help <clan shortname> (ie help boot). Another good resource is to type claninfo <shortname> and follow the link listed in the Web Page field at the bottom. You can find these shortnames and a list of the current clans by typing clist ingame.

Clans that are crossed out below are no longer open.

Amazon: Sisterhood of the Amazon Warriors, a NoPK clan
Boot: Boot Camp, a NoPK clan
Baal: The Children of Baalzamon
Bard: Order of the Bard, a NoPK clan
Clans - Born On Dates
Cabal: The Elemental Cabal
Chaos: Chapter Honorary - Alliance of Spellcasters
Crimson: The Crimson Horde
Crusader: Crusaders of the Nameless One, a NoPK clan
Daoine: The Daoine Sidhe
DoH: The Disciples of Hassan
Dominion: Enlightened Brotherhood of the Dominion
Dragon: The Order of the White Dragon
Druid: The Great Circle of Druids
Emerald: The Emerald Knights
Gaardian: The Midgaardian Publishing Group, a NoPK clan
Hook: The Hook Clan
Imperium: Clan Imperium
Light: The Order of Light
Loner: The Lone Adventurers, a NoPK group of players that don't want to join a clan
Masaki: Masaki Clan
Outcast: The Outcast Clan of Shame (players that have been outcasted from clan)
Perdition: Knights of Perdition
Pyre: The Soul Pyre
Rhabdo: Dark Templars of Rhabdo Rana
Rogues: The Lost Rogues
Seekers: The Seekers, a NoPK clan
Shadokil: The Order of Shadokil
Tanelorn: The Society of Tanelorn, a NoPK clan
Tao: The Creation of Tao, a NoPK clan
Touchstone: House of Touchstone, a NoPK clan
Twinlobe: The Fellowship of the Twin Lobes
Watchmen: The Watchmen of Aardwolf
Wolf: Wolf Adminstration (not really a player clan, it's the "clan" the Imms are in)
Xunti: The Xunti Cult

Joining a clan is not something to be undertaken lightly; once in a clan, the only way to leave is to become an outcast (see help outcast).

Players that decide they will never want to be part of a clan can choose to become a loner (see help loner). Players that want to join a clan without having to deal with PK life can seek out NoPK clans. These are indicated by a Y in the NoPK column in clist. More information on NoPK clans can be found in help nopk.

The immortals of Aardwolf also comprise a special clan, The Wolf Administration.

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