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Help Category : Information.
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Last Updated  : 2014-05-16 09:33:39.
Syntax: look                    : Displays current room.
        look <object/keyword>   : Gives a description of that object.
        look <character>        : Shows target's description and worn eq.
        look <direction>        : Gather information about nearby rooms.
        look in <object/corpse> : Displays inventory of container/corpse.
        rlook <object>          : Attempts to look at in-room objects first.
        examine <object/corpse> : Same as 'look <item>' and 'look in <item>'.
        glance                  : Shortened version of 'look'.

The 'look' command by itself is used to see almost everything you can in
the current room.  There are many other things to look at as well-  'look
<character>' and 'look <monster>' will show a description and any worn
equipment.  (You may skip the description by using 'look <target> nodesc'.)

You may also 'look <direction>'. You may see something informative, but
often times you will not. You must use the entire direction name- 'look
south' will look to the south but 'look s' will not.  Similarly, you may
sometimes find 'look <keyword>' works to see more specific details about
something mentioned in a room description or on an object.

'look <keyword>' will normally default to your inventory first, then your
carried equipment, and then something in the room. To look at a keyword in
the room first, use 'rlook <object>'.

'examine' is a command which displays both 'look <object>' and 'look in

You may use the same number.item syntax listed in 'help get' with 'look'.
Also, 'read' is synonymous with 'look'.

Glance is a shortened version of 'look' which does not display the room
description or a map.