Newbie Guide

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Last Updated  : 2017-06-15 20:43:31.
New players are outfitted with an official Aardwolf Newbie Guide. To use the 
guide, type 'read guide' to see a list of contents.

If you ever lose your guide, don't despair! There are a few ways to get it 
back or find a replacement:

* If you are under level 6, you can get a new guide as part of the basic
starting gear. Simply type 'outfit' for a new guide and basic equipment.

* If you died, your guide will still be on your corpse. Ask on the newbie 
channel for some assistance if your corpse is covered by aggressive mobs or 
check the Aardwiki for directions back to the room you were in:

* Buy a replacement guide for 1 gold at Bookworm's Haven. This shop is in
the eastern shop area off Starlight Way. Typing 'find library' anywhere
in Aylor will show the exact directions or simply type 'runto library'.

* You will notice that all the information in the newbie guide is available 
in help file format. Type 'index newguide' for a list and 
'help newguide-<option>' (e.g., help newguide-quests) to read each help 

Bonus tip: Read 'help keep', to prevent accidentally dropping your guide
in the future.