Builder Rewards

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Last Updated  : 2021-06-17 15:53:07.
Aardwolf grows because of dedicated and talented players who create new
areas and goals for the enjoyment of all.  We would like to thank and
encourage those who love to build with a token of our appreciation
through a reward system, based on builders points (BP).

Points are as follows -
An area live on Aardwolf (per 50 rooms)         = 10 BP
Simple rewrite of existing area                 =  3 BP
Goal conversion or new goal                     =  2 BP

1. Basic medal 'V3 Area Builders Medal'                    -  10 BP
2. Bronze medal 'Bronze Eraser Area Builders Medal'        -  20 BP
3. Silver medal 'Silver Pencil Area Builders Medal'        -  30 BP
4. Gold medal 'Golden Paintbrush Area Builders Medal'      -  40 BP
5. Diamond medal 'Diamond Bulldozer Area Builders Medal'   -  50 BP
6. Prestige medal 'Prestige Visionary Area Builders Medal' - 100 BP or
   creation of an Epic Superhero Area
7. Replacement medal                                       - 2 TP

Those who already have a builders medal should keep track of their
activities and if they believe they meet the criteria for an upgrade
to a higher level medal, they should post a note to Imm outlining the
list of areas and goals completed thus far.  In order to qualify, the
area and/or goal must have gone 'live' on main port.  Players must turn
in their old medal to receive the new upgraded medal.

If you participated in a community project, your actual contribution to
the area must be significant and confirmed by your team leader in order
for builders points to be applied.

Points are shared when an area is built by more than one individual.
Division of points will be determined by agreement between authors.

Replacement medals will cost 2 trivia points.