Help Keywords : Areas.
 Help Category : Information.
 Related Helps : Runto, Speedwalks, Mobdeaths, Where.
 Last Updated  : 2017-06-20 16:04:17.
 Syntax: areas              : Lists all* areas on Aardwolf.
         areas <min> <max>  : Lists areas within given level ranges.
         areas <string>     : Lists areas that match the search string.
         areas explored     : Lists areas and number of rooms explored.
         areas unexplored   : Lists areas with at least 1 unexplored room.
         areas keywords     : Lists area keywords.

 (* - Excludes special areas like manor zones.)

 Typing 'areas' with no arguments will list (almost) all the areas in the
 game.  (Certain areas are flagged not to appear on the list.)

 Several arguments may be used with the 'areas' command:

 'areas <keyword>' and 'areas <low level> <high level>' filter output based
 upon the arguments given.  Supplying a level range will show all levels
 within that given range.  'areas <text>' will search for any area or
 builder which starts with the given text (e.g. 'areas fay' returns All in
 a Fayke Day and Faylen's Tree of Life).  Level ranges are a general guide,
 but do not always represent the level of every monster in the area.

 'areas explored' lists areas just as the areas command but also adds the 
 number of explorable rooms in the area and the number you have explored
 already.  'areas unexplored' similarly lists the number of explorable rooms
 and the number of rooms unexplored.  These may also be added to other
 filters- for example, 'areas 1 20 unexplored'.

 To help with various commands that use area keywords, 'areas keywords' will
 display area keywords rather than builder name(s).  'areas <search text>'
 will also search keywords.

 The 'speedwalks' command can be used to get a list of speedwalks to
 areas and the 'runto' command can be used to go directly to them from
 the Aylor main recall. See the helpfiles on each of these commands for
 more information.