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30th Jun 2001: New armor class code added to test port. AC now starts
               at 0 and the higher the better. AC affects damage reduction,
               not hit avoidance. Placeholder added for LUCK stat.

 4th Jul 2001: New armor class code added to main mud. 

 8th Jul 2001: Sorted wholist added. Nocurse object flag added. Keep
               and unkeep feature added - old 'keep' renamed to 'kflag'.

13th Jul 2001: V2 project restarted on port 5000. Major upgrade to 
               Aardwolf likely to take several months. [V2] next to an 
               entry means development on the V2 test port.

15th Jul 2001: [V2] Several Mage combat spells converted.

16th Jul 2001: [V2] Remainder of Mage combat spells converted. Damage
               affected by int and luck. High wisdom (and AC) can help a 
               target take less damage.

17th Jul 2001: [V2] Cleric combat spells converted - damage mostly 
               determined by wisdom and luck..

18th Jul 2001: [V2] More cleric combat spells converted. New spells
               added - White Flame, Exorcise, Purge, Vengeance and 

21st Jul 2001: [V2] First batch of Psi combat spells converted. 
               Damage determined by combination of int+wis.

22nd Jul 2001: [V2] Remaining PSI combat spells converted.

26th Jul 2001: [V2] Mage enhancement spells converted. New spells
               added: Mystic Might, Harden Body, Magical Rush, Perception,
               Awakening. Most other spells changed to give stats.

28th Jul 2001: [V2] Cleric enhancement spells converted. New spells
               added: Magic Circle, Enlightenment, Godly Embrace, Prayer
               of Fortune, Divine Swiftness, Revelation, Rally, Power of
               Faith, Pure Faith.

29th Jul 2001: [V2] Psionic enhancement spells converted. New spells
               added: Calculation, Channel Energy, Share Wisdom, Share
               Intelligence, Compression, Energy Ball, Meld Stone, Self
               Harmony, Party Harmony, Party Shield.

29th Jul 2001: Gq limit of 3 per level added. Xp modified to encourage
               mob hunting closer to player level, in preparation for V2.
               Death's Manor area added (Citron/Terrill). Yggdrasil World 
               Tree area added (Vokial/Masskill)

31st Jul 2001: [V2] Blink, Timeshift and Holy rift converted. Mobs
               now get them too.

 3rd Aug 2001: [V2] Converted saves to be positive. Recoded "Save
               vs spell" checks. Added total stat limit of 1200 max + 60
               per tier. Added hp/mana/move max of 30000 + 5000 per tier.

 5th Aug 2001: Rewritten 'BAN' system to allow for bans that auto
               expire and tracks reason/imms that set the ban. Purged 
               all current bans and announced an "amnesty".

 5th Aug 2001: [V2] Converted dodge, parry and shield block. 
               Rewritten scribe and brew.

 6th Aug 2001: [V2] Converted Sanctuary, Fortitude, Scribe and 

12th Aug 2001: [V2] Converted Cure light, Cure Serious, Cure Cric,
               Heal, Mass Heal, Regeneration, Complete Heal and all other
               healing spells. Added Nature's touch to replace cure 

14th Aug 2001: [V2] Antimagic shell, Chaos Portal, Portal, Conjure
               elemental and absorb converted.

17th Aug 2001: [V2] Saves_vs_spell completely redone and all 
               associated spells converted. Dispel evil and good 

19th Aug 2001: [V2] Strength rewritten - now affects damage more.
               Check_dispel which handles all the curing type spells
               rewritten. Fixed mob casting - low level mobs cannot cast
               breath spells above their levels.

21st Aug 2001: [V2] Rewritten how DEX and HITROLL affect combat.
               Rewritten second, third, fourth, fifth, second dual and
               third dual attacks to use DEX/LUCK.

24th Aug 2001: [V2] Converted trip, bash, stun, dirt kick, and kick.

 1st Sep 2001: [V2] Converted Push, Disarm, Sap, Grab, Scalp and
               Power Grip.

 2nd Sep 2001: Anthrox area added - Maerchyng. Installed Efence and 
               dmalloc libs.

 5th Sep 2001: [V2] Charge skill added in V2. Shield punch and
               assault converted. 

10th Sep 2001: [V2] New skills added: Gouge, Uppercut, Bodycheck, 
               Hammer, Stomp and Headbutt. Cleave, Aim, Deathblow and
               Counterstrike converted.

26th Sep 2001: [V2] Thief conversion started: Kobold, Haggle, 
               Circle, Pick Lock, Marbu.

27th Sep 2001: [V2] Backstab and enhanced backstab rewritten.

 1st Oct 2001: [V2] Thief skills converted: Hydra, Black Root,
               Cobra, Raven Scourge, Green death, Silver Scorpion. 
               Added Kobold Spray and Marbu jet.

 3rd Oct 2001: [V2] Thief skills converted: Sweep, Strangle,
               Spiral, Charm, Steal, Conceal, Slit, Assasinate.
               Rewrote balor.

 4th Oct 2001: [V2] Ranger conversion started. Converted Earth Maw,
               Moonbeam, Sunray, Earthquake, Wind blast, Firestorm and
               Ground Strike, Ice Storm, Whirlwind, Solar Flare, Rainbow,
               Hydroblast, Call Lightning, Cyclone, Earth Shroud, Tornado,
               Ice Bolt, Forestfire and Eruption. Added 'Fire Rain'.

 8th Oct 2001: [V2] Paladin version started: Holy Fury, Glare, 
               Soul Rip, Condemn, Infernal Voice, Scourge, Hand of Justice, 
               Pillar of fire, Holy Arrow, Wrath of God, Repentance, Spirit 
               Strike, Damnation, Winds of reckoning, Abomination, Purgatory,
               Blades of Light, Apocalypse, Heavenly Balance. Added new
               spells 'Sense Life' and 'Mobshield'. 

 8th Oct 2001: [V2] Stat ranges increased to 500 (350/150). All stats
               below 50 now take just one train.

 9th Oct 2001: [V2] Rewritten the 'train' command for multiple stats.

10th Oct 2001: The Fortress of Angband area added. (Galadriel/Vesse)

12th Oct 2001: [V2] Mob act flags assigned and mob behaviour rewritten
               to be based on classes and levels. Mobs can be 'multiclass' 
               too. Blink, dodge, holyrift, etc reworked, didnt like the way
               stats worked on the earlier rewrites.

15th Oct 2001: [V2] Double (triple sometimes) casting put in for 
               caster classes. Converted giant strength and armor. Dodges,
               training costs and AC rebalanced yet again.

16th Oct 2001: [V2] Major new feature 'REBUILD' added. See 
               'HELP REBUILD'.

19th Oct 2001: [V2] Camouflage added. SH Conversion done. Races 
               redone. Players can now convert themselves over.

20th Oct 2001: [V2] Trains only version of rebuild added.

21th Oct 2001: [V2] Newbie creation reworks. Possible stat loss at
               death added. 'FORGET' command added. Reworked race primary stats
               a little.

24th Oct 2001: [V2] Helpfiles added/redone for all skills and spells.
               Class and stat helpfiles redone. 'RESTART' command added.

 2nd Nov 2001: [V2] Terminate spell added. Train/practice costs redone.
               Birthdate (V2) added to whois.

 6th Nov 2001: [V2] Dispel magic rewritten. Possessive act() variables

 9th Nov 2001: [V2] Tier stats command added. Group command reworked.
               Added socials and history to ftalk, ltalk and nobletalk.

23rd Nov 2001: ----------[ V2 Live, finally !!!!!!!!!!! ]-------

Continued in 'HELP HISTORY09'..