Admin Requests

Use this section to post requests for things only an admin can do (i.e. page deletions).

Open Requests:

FYI if you need wiki help, post a note on personal board ingame to imm.

  • Please delete "Bonousloot". I accidentally typoed the page name. Vost January 27, 2023, at 12:03 PM EST

Please delete the following: (either obsolete or moved or duplicated) {egrene}
GREETING : The login screen.
GREETING2 : The login screen!
Gsocial : Global social channel.
Gypsy Caravan : Information on the Gypsy Caravan area.

Uncompleted Requests:

fyi - also trying to catch up on page deletions on areas as well for areas that no longer exist and add the new areas and goal info in -

Would it be possible to add a section on the left for Scripts and Trigger help/examples? I was thinking specifically with regards toward the Aardwolf Mushclient. Xangareef

Hesistant about adding scripts and trigger helps for different clients. I okayed what phrases are out there - what the game says when your quest timer pops up, ect - its in mudmessages - but even that we had to put a big warning about botting and bot policies. If we start doing scripts for one, we will end up with scripts for many clients and different types of scripts and triggers - some that will or can become questionable. If anything, we could list other sites that might help with different client scripting without much detail. Post me on main your thoughts. Justme