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Last Updated : 2017-08-03 19:03:11.
The following issues regarding questing and quest equipment can be considered 'dead' and not worth arguing for/against.

  Quest time will not be lowered, nor will quest points be increased.

  Quest reset and double qp events are only available during special
  periods (donations/holidays/Aardwolf's birthday).  They are not available
  for purchase by players or clans.

  Clans and spouses will not be able to purchase jointly-owned quest items.

  The Bag of Aardwolf is unique; no other quest equipment will gain levels
  as you do.

  There are no plans to be able to buy quest equipment at a level different
  than your own (except for SH tiers).  This creates a desired economy for
  quest items in the Remort Auction / Marketplace environments.

  No new quest equipment will be added, and it will not be possible to add
  quest equipment effects to other gear (an intentional trade-off).

  There will never be a way to directly convert trivia points into quest