Savable Portals
Portal NameAreaGMCP RoomLevelsComments
the Amulet of AardwolfAardwolf Hotel261511owned, questor aarditem
Wizard's PrismAll in a Fayke Day3041810 
Queen Melosa's MirrorThe Amazon Nation140498-102 
the amulet of the planesThe Amusement Park2936425Required to enter "pool" rooms
the LemniscateThe Archipelago of Entropy29793121Lands in part 4
a dolphin figurineArisian Realm28144148-152unowned and owned goal version, unowned reboot only 148-152, goal is 150
Compendium of Fal'SharaArtificer's Mayhem1865179-183 
Aylorian Academy portalThe Aylorian Academy352001owned
Permanent PeaceBattlefields of Adaldar34447150 
A Black PendantBlack Lagoon30549160 
Black Darkness of the CitadelThe Blood Opal of Rauko'ra6040130 
an amulet of dragon wardingThe Broken Halls of Horath9198-102 
Aura of the SageThe Call of Heroes330313-7unowned (3-7) and owned (5) goal version
the Laurels of the VictorThe Cataclysm19976147reboot only, new goal version is owned
Cowlina's TrustThe Cougarian Queendom14310100 
a dreary hole of despairThe Curse of the Midnight Fens16526200 
Enchanted DreamsDark Elf Stronghold2057273-77 
a Medallion of Daemon SummoningThe Dark Temple of Zyian726108-112 
the orb of the starsThe DarkLight1964383-87 
the Timeless Seal of the AgesThe Deadlights16949160 
Desert DoomDesert Doom4193141unowned and owned goal version
the Gate RuneThe Desert Prison20186128-132 
Queen Angelina's LocketDiamond Soul Revelation3002920Ltd use. always comes with 7 uses
Backstage PassThe Drageran Empire25898132lands in 1st part
Royal AudienceThe Drageran Empire25919140-144lands in 2nd part
Broken CurseDread Tower26074140 
Hatshepsut's CartoucheThe Eighteenth Dynasty30799120 
a Denali's teleport deviceThe Empire of Aiighialla32262138-142 
Irresistible CallingThe Empire of Talsa2691758-62area beginning, there is also a misspelled "Irresitable" Calling version
Evil IntentionsThe Empire of Talsa26997100lands in evil intentions part
Cosmic CallingThe Empire of Talsa27003150lands in SH part
a Golden ObolEntrance to Hades29195190 
Map of the WoodsEternal Autumn13905170lands in second part
A Majestic OrbThe Flying Citadel1499750There is also a misspelled "Magestic Orb" version
Golden Pet CollarGiant's Pet Store99510 
Sir Lauren's DespairGilda and the Dragon4243120 
<-L-> Lifetime Pass to the Gladiators Arena <-L->The Gladiator's Arena2576980owned, noreown
a copy of the ((Map of the World))The Glamdursil15707148-152 
a cheat codeThe Glamdursil15710148-152old soulblade portal
Goblin WarplansThe Goblin Fortress3183460 
a train ticketGold Rush1502842 
a garbage canThe Grand City of Aylor324183-7 
Passport to Knossos.The Great City of Knossos2819358-62 
Icy Portal of GvozdHelegear Sea30725130Ltd use. Not counting iceberg destination variations
a [House] of CardsHouse of Cards41726100 
a [Trump] of BenedictHouse of Cards6266100old courts of chaos portal, different landing than [House] of Cards
a two-way mirrorThe Imperial City of Reme3269930 
a dark crystalImperial Nation1695883-87 
a CedriaInsanitaria685185Comes with donated flag, cannot auction
Time CapsuleIsland of Lost Time2858480No stat version and 10 stat goal version
the Dark Orb of the VampiresThe Keep of Kearvek29722158-162replaced chip of red ruby from cthos mishrak
A Trip To The Killing FieldsThe Killing Fields2923260 
a wooden yokeThe Labyrinth3140415 
Yelsem's (:*Freedom*:)The Labyrinth3140431Goal version...rare! Same room as wooden yoke.
an apple pressLand of Legend1622410 
A Chip of Willow BarkThe Marshlands of Agroth11027105Old Agroth portal
A Cautionary Tale of the MarshThe Marshlands of Agroth1102795New Agroth portal
A Masquerade MaskMasquerade Island29839100 
the horn of the ANCESTORSMount duNoir14293138-142lands in SH part
a Magic BananaNanjiki Ruins11204138-142Unowned and owned (lvl 140) goal versions
-=Oradrin's Call=-Oradrin's Chosen25436200 
The PartroxisThe Partroxis5862180 
black volcanic glassPompeii4385 
a Gold Plated Silhouette broochProsper's Island28243100High Council part
a Share Ownership of Hotele RoyaleProsper's Island28336100 
Hot Wok of QongQong16115201 
a mirror showing Deneria's pastRealm of Deneria3500570 
a Crystal ballRealm of the Firebird3288498-102Old falcovnia portal, still works
A Heliodor ShardThe Ruins of Diamond ReachVaries60owned, saveable, can tweak landing room
Bell TentSagewood Grove28767148-152Replaced Joseph Bell from Mossflower Wood
Strange glowing discThe Sanguine Tavern1543588-92 
a demon school handbookThe School of Horror25614148-152 
A Jewelry BoxThe School of Horror30765188-192Evil Imms part
the Sea King's PortalSea King's Dominion141140FT2 goal reward
Enchanted SpellbookSnuckles Village18180 
a Storm Ship in a BottleStorm Ships of Lem-Dagor1966100 
the Tiger of KaiTakeda's Warcamp15952178-182 
a ring of pale mushroomsTir na nOg2014798-102 
the Sigil of IlloriaThe Tournament of Illoria1044760there is also an older misspelled "Sigul of Illoria" version
starburstThe Tree of Life16323170 
a Crown of SwordsThe Trouble with Gwillimberry26035190Unseelie Court part
Passage to GwillimberryThe Trouble with Gwillimberry2597480Entrance to area
the badge of the Draconic Intelligence ServiceUnearthly Bonds23413130unowned and owned goal version
the holy wellVerdure Estate24120120 
HoneycombWar of the Wizards3130415 
Aethelswyth's VisionsThe Witches of Omen Tor15578148-152 
a Cracked Wooble-nutThe Wobbly Woes of Woobleville1138338-42reboot only
An Envelope of XylXyl's Mosaic427100unowned and owned (goal) version
A Small Crystal TreeYggdrasil: The World Tree24186185 
a pendant in the likeness of KaliThe Yurgach Domain2949383-87 

Total Savable Portals Listed Above: 90

Nosave Portals
Portal NameAreaLevelsComments
a pale dolphin figurineArisian Realm148-152 
Temporary TruceBattlefields of Adaldar150 
A Black RoseBlack Rose178-182 
Cursed NoteDread Tower158-162 
a book entitled 'My Citadel'The Flying Citadel50portal to the room to get the area portal
One-Day Pass to the Gladiators ArenaGladiator's Arena80 
a golem's earParadise Lost48-52lands in An Inescapable Rift room, use once portal
a low quality wokQong200gives extra chance of getting real portal on AQ
-*)Monuhi's Legacy(*-Nenukon and the Far Country58-62 
A Bloody Griffin WingSanctity of Eternal Damnation98-102 
Yin-Yang PendantThe Temple of Shal'indrael183-187Lands in Limbo

Total Nosave Portals Listed Above: 11

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