Help Keywords : Scan.
 Help Category : Information.
 Related Helps : Exits, Map, Scout, Recon, Survey.
 Last Updated  : 2017-01-19 18:24:38.
 Syntax: scan             : Scans all directions for players and monsters.
         scan <direction> : Scans a particular direction for lifesigns.
         scan . / here    : Scans current room.
         scan <filter>    : Scan only for mobs/players with <filter> in name.

 'scan' will take a quick glimpse in all six directions and report back what
 can be seen.  This includes doors and other exits in your current room, as
 well as visible players and monsters at your location and up to three rooms
 away.  Scan does not look around corners, only straight in each direction,
 and is not usable during combat.  Also, some mobs and doors simply cannot be
 seen by scanning.

 To limit the output of scan to only show what you see in one direction, add
 the direction to the scan command.  For example, 'scan west' will only show
 information about your current location and to the west.  You can scan the
 current room with 'scan here' or 'scan .'

 You may set scan to display results in different colors based on whether
 what's seen is a player or a monster.  See 'help colorset'.  Scan always
 returns names with only the first letter capitalized, even if other letters
 may normally be upper-case.