Free Rebuilds

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Last Updated  : 2011-04-13 11:19:26.

The are two types of 'free rebuild'. Standard free rebuilds aren't really 
free but are 'prepaid' such as buying the rebuild wish. You can have 
multiple standard free rebuilds - buy the wish 5 times and you have 5 
standard free rebuilds.

The second type of free rebuild is a global rebuild. These do not stack; 
you either have a global free rebuild or you don't. They are given out to 
help you fix or redo something after a large game change and it doesn't 
make sense to have mulitple global free rebuilds. 

The way it works behind the scenes is that Lasher sets the date of the last 
global free rebuild. If you have rebuilt since that date, you no longer have 
(no longer need) a rebuild for the reason it was originally given. The same 
applies to remort, retier, classchange and other features that effectively 
reset your stats - you have had a chance to rebuild your stats since the 
change was made and a 'free rebuild' is no longer warranted.