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 Immortals may confiscate owned equipment from a player to its original 
 owner.  The usual case for this is after a divorce; however it may be the
 case if an item is given to another friend that does not return to the game
 when the item(s) is/are again desired.  Contrarily, if you happen to be 
 carrying around another player's owned items, and wish to return them,
 confiscate is an option as well.  Confiscate is free with a divorce; for
 other cases, the cost is 2 trivia points.

 The ownership flag is absolute.  There is no way to tell who the original
 owner is without this flag, and Imms will not be involved in disputes over
 this un-owned equipment.  It is the players' responsibilities to work out
 the return of any non-owned equipment; the Imms (and confiscate command)
 are not able to distinguish ownership of any items without the 'owned'
 field.  Confiscated containers do not transfer their contents, only the
 container itself (and any owned equipment inside it).

 There is no way to only check what is on another player's file; it must be
 confiscated and returned to you.  There are no refunds if you pay for a
 confiscate and there is no equipment returned to you.

 Note: One confiscate will return all owned items to you from a single player.

 Imms: See 'help imm-confiscate'. (This help file is only visible to