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Last Updated : 2017-08-03 18:53:47.
The following issues regarding level-based features can be considered 'dead' and not worth arguing for/against.

  Campaigns are a level-based feature.  If you want to campaign more than
  once, level.  Exceptions are made for end-game levels. 

  Supernewbies will not get special access to level-based features such as
  marriage before level 10.

  Stats at lower levels will not be increased.  They were purposely capped
  when V2 came in.  There is already a huge bonus in sitting at low levels
  long enough to get quest equipment.

  The maximum global quests per level limit will not be raised; you will
  not be able to join for fun or quest points once you have reached three
  wins at your current level.

  Players will ever only have one subclass; there are too many special
  abilities to add more after specific milestones (remort, tier, etc.).