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Last Updated : 2017-08-03 18:51:02.
The following issues regarding double experience can be considered 'dead' and not worth arguing for/against.

  We will not add new ways to get more double experience.  When super-
  hero double was added, it was a rare event (once a week, not multiple
  times an hour) and meant as a special reward.  When non-double is
  considered 'half experience', there is far too much double experience.

  Queuing or saving superhero double for later use has the same end result
  of more double experience, and will not be added.

  Players who superhero silent will not be penalized.  The MUD does not
  track players' last superhero status.  The option was purposely added
  to reduce the amount of double (see above).

  Double quest point events are reserved for special occasions and will not
  be increased in frequency.

  Unlike global restores, clans and individual players may not purchase
  double quest/experience time from Imms.

  Daily blessings are a gift.  Double experience kills from blessings will
  not be able to be saved/controlled by toggling noexp.