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Last Updated  : 2024-06-05 12:50:54.
The following issues regarding double experience can be considered 'dead'
and not worth arguing for/against.

- We will not add new ways to get more double experience.  When super-
  hero double was added, it was a rare event (once a week, not multiple
  times an hour) and meant as a special reward.  When non-double is
  considered 'half experience', there is far too much double experience.

- Queuing or saving superhero double for later use has the same end result
  of more double experience, and will not be added.

- Players who superhero silent will not be penalized.  The MUD does not
  track players' last superhero status.  The option was purposely added
  to reduce the amount of double (see above).

- Double quest point events are reserved for special occasions and will not
  be increased in frequency.

- Unlike global restores, clans and individual players may not purchase
  double quest/experience time from Imms.