Portal Replacements

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Last Updated : 2010-06-06 09:12:57.
Aardwolf is constantly undergoing change. One of these changes includes modifying or completely removing old areas (see 'help stock areas'). If an area is completely removed, trivia and chaos portals to the old area will no longer work, and are eligible for replacement. An Immortal is necessary to make all exchanges.
Chaos Portals:

For a regular chaos portal, there are two options- the redeemer may simply take a plain blank ingredient in exchange or choose one of three live chaos portals cast by an Immortal (including any golden results).
In the case of a golden chaos portal replacement, the Immortal will cast chaos portal twice, and set the redeemer's choice of the two as golden. \\ If an existing portal has been restrung and/or has keywords added, they may be replaced by the redeemer's choice; however, this requires the Immortal casting option to do so (i.e., can't be used with a blank ingredient).
There is no way to determine what type of ingredient was used when casting the original chaos portal spell, only the end (live) result of plain or golden. This is why only regular blanks are returned.
Trivia Portals:

Trivia portals that no longer work may be exchanged for a new trivia portal to any other valid area (following rules in 'help trivia portals'), free of charge. This also applies to trivia portals that lead to areas that have been completely rewritten and deemed a "new" area (only object stats were kept and converted). Trivia portals that lead to areas that only received minor description changes, due to copyright issues, will not be refunded.