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Last Updated  : 2017-10-28 17:03:14.

 1st  Jan 2010: Happy New Year.

 10th Jan 2010: Long Term Market added. Maelstrom and First Ascent 
                added (Doa & Flat).  Isle of Quake, CrystalMir removed.

 15th Jan 2010: Enchanters Focus, Heavenly Smiting, Focused Vision,
                Serenity and Sacrifice Life spells added. Elemental Chaos
                area added (Alixana & Kalista). Prison area removed.

 27th Jan 2010: Tempering added for Blacksmiths. Four new witch spells:
                Petrify, Curse of Sloth, Hex of Entropy, Hex of Misfortune.
                Elementalist spells upgraded.

 30th Jan 2010: Materials and the 'materials' command added back in.

 15th Feb 2010: Lash, Flay, Interrogate and Tortured Vision Inquisitor
                abilities added. Summon Death necro spell and 'Bow' weapon
                skill for archers added. Living Mines of Dak'Tai (Paramore &
                Domain) and the Gathering Horde (Paramore & Sagen) areas.
                Hourly based market listings also added. Old Thalos the area
                was removed.

 28th Feb 2010: The Fractured Lands and The Darkside of the Fractured Lands
                (Zafirah) replacing Dominia and Darkside of Dominia. New
                Goal added in Seven Wonders area. Gamestat 11 added. Bow of
                Aardwolf added.

 26th Mar 2010: Umari's Castle area added. Goals added to Atlantis, 
                Slaughterhouse and Shadows of Minos. Manor Mount area added.
                Atlantis and Realm of Evil Heroes redone to remove any
                copyright references. Newbie channel access now all of first
                mort up to level 200. Telnet handling in Aardwolf rewritten.

 12th Apr 2010: Clients command added.

 26th Apr 2010: New goal added in Xyl's Mosaic. 'Compare' command and
                equipment scoring system added.

 13th May 2010: Goals for Necromancer's Guild / Astral Travels added. Morgue
                flag for Oradrin's Chosen and Inferno areas for non-clanned.
                'eqsearch' command to check for better equipment for level.

 19th May 2010: Realm of the Firebird area replaces Falcovnia and has
                a new goal. Mob HP reduction and game-load weapon dice
                increases. Mobdeaths neutral added. 

  5th Jun 2010: Wedded Bliss goal added. Mount duNoir area and goal
                added replacing Shayol Ghul. Friend options 'laston' and
                'ago' added. Corpse retrievals via high priestress. PK
                nograce added. 

 29th Jun 2010: Cataclysm goal added by Domain. Hammer weapon type
                and Hammerforge skills added. 'Friend online' option

 16th Jul 2010: Weather Observatory area added. New goals in Nanjiki
                Ruins and Olde Worlde Carnivale. Highlands area removed.
                Soldier gets dual wield 'perk'. Defender timeout slots

 24th Aug 2010: New goal in Killing Fields. Kimr's Farm area replaces
                the orchard. Blighted Tundra of Andarin replaces Pirate
                Ship. Autokeep command added. Nodesc option added to look.
                GMCP live in 'unofficial alpha' mode.

 26th Aug 2010: Dreamfyre, Flat and Paramore become the newest players
                to join the Aardwolf imm team.

 13th Sep 2010: Market Road area replaced with The Gypsy Caravan. The
                Rokugan area replaced with Nenukon and Soulblade replaced
                with Glamdursil. Spellup command now supports spelling up
                others. 'Ruler' command added. Advisor note flag.

 16th Sep 2010: Memorial Garden added north of the Ceremonial Alcove.
                See 'Help Memorial Garden' for more info.

 19th Sep 2010: Death Gate area replaced by The Partroxis. Myst
                area removed. Spellups slightly faster. Pockets3/4 added.
                Mxit user ids now received.

 28th Oct 2010: New Grouping system added - see 'help group'. The
                'nospellupspam' option added. Pets no longer leech exp.
                Doom and Gloom area removed. Dexter posted a good idea.

 29th Oct 2010: 'Group rank' option added. 'Nogroup' command added.

 21st Nov 2010: Ice Daggers, Earth Hammer and Air Skewer spells added.
                Kingsholm area replaces White Lotus. The Town of Solan
                area replaces Solace. New goal added in Darklight. New
                clan suicide messages added.

 27th Nov 2010: Keepall wish removed, now basic feature. Potential
                added. Gwillim area replaced Shadar. Jotunheim area 
                replaced Rats Lair. Echocommands added.

 10th Dec 2010: Masteries feature added. Rebellion of the Nix replaces
                Onslaught. Spellup3 and Scholar wishes added. 

 21th Dec 2010: Timeghost steps down from imm.

 23rd Dec 2010: Crynn's Church area added (Sammael). SH campaigns are
                now every 4 hours. 

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