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Last Updated  : 2013-01-05 17:01:25.
Warning: Some content in this helpfile may be out-dated since v3 has
already been released. This helpfile remains for historical purposes.

V2 Overview
In July 2001, development started on a new version of Aardwolf, after much
testing it was released on November 23rd 2001 - 2 weeks before Aardwolf's 
5th birthday.

The biggest single change with the new version of Aardwolf was to make 
character stats actually count for something. The max you can reach in a
stat can be as high as 500 and every skill and spell in the game has been
rewritten to be stat dependant. The point of this change is to add 
diversity among characters and to reward effort - you do not need to get
even close to the maximum 500 in stats to advance through Aardwolf and
succeed in the game, but taking the time to do so will give you a more 
powerful character. For more details on stats, see 'help stats' and the
helpfiles for each individual stat. A summary is below:

* Up to 350 can be trained in a stat with another 150 possible from
  equipment and spell bonuses.
* The cost to train a stat depends on your race (HELP RACEINFO) and your
  current level in the stat (HELP TRAIN).
* Max you can gain in a stat is also level based.
* Your primary stat in a class will automatically grant +5 in that stat,
  and, will allow you to train it another +5 higher than other stats.
* Tiers get a reduction in stat costs based on how many tiers they have.

Another of the major changes with version 2 is the addition of the LUCK
stat. While most skills and spells have at least one primary stat that
determines their effectiveness, LUCK has at least a minor affect on 
pretty much everything. 

V2 also adds many new skills and spells to the game. The Aardwolf web 
page lists all of the changes made for V2 by date as they were made and
is a great source of reference. You will find that many spells and skills
can be cast/used multiple times per round based on your ability in the
appropriate stat for that skill/spell.

V2 Player Conversion
Converting a player from V1 to V2 mostly involves adding additional trains
based on level and adjusting hit points. Here is what takes place when 
your pfile is converted:

* When you level in V2, you gain on average 3.5 trains per level, plus the 
  chance of bonus trains. When your pfile is converted, you will receive
  trains equal to 3* your level which gives your character a number close
  to what would have been gained from levelling.

* If you are above level 100, any trains you are carrying will be doubled.

* Hp/mana/moves can cost more to train in V2 and the costs increase the
  higher they get. As 30000hps would be more expensive to reach in V2 than
  in V1, these numbers are adjusted. If your hp, mana or movement points 
  are above 10,000 they are reset to 10,000 and you are awarded additional
  trains based on the following:

       hit points above 10,000 are divided by 20.
       mana above 10,000 are divided by 15.
       moves above 10,000 are divided by 15.

* Because race/xp modifiers are different (lower) in V2 your xp to level
  will have been reset to your last level.

What next?
If your pfile has just been converted, you must train your stats else
your character will be very weak. Read 'help stats' to get an idea of what
to train for your class and the helpfiles for each individual stat to see
what each does. 

It will take experimentation to get the stats right on your character and
you will not do so the first time. A feature called 'REBUILD' has been 
added that will let you retrain your stats and choose another race. See 
'HELP REBUILD' for more information. When first converting to V2, for a
limited time you will have 3 rebuilds at no cost in order to try out race

Future development
Although V2 of Aardwolf does add several new abilities and skills and 
spells it is more of a framework for additional features and gameplay 
later on. The stats system adds a level of control and balance impossible 
before that makes it possible to add many cool new features - watch this