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 Though a class will generally not duplicate its own spell effect, there are
 a number of abilities with similar effects that exist in different classes.

 The following spells have very similar (and mutually exclusive) effects:

 Spell                    Alternative
 Fly                      Levitation
 Haste                    Accelerate
 Hide                     Chameleon Power, Pass Without Trace
 Pass Door                Ectoplasmic Form
 Sanctuary                Biofeedback
 Sneak                    Pass Without Trace, Shadow Form
 Ventriloquate            Create sound

 The following skills/spells have similar effects, but are generally more
 distinct than the differences in the spells listed above:

 Cell Adjustment          Cure Poison/Remove Curse
 Disintegrate             Assassinate, Banishment, Slit
 Enchant Armor            Reinforce
 Enchant Weapon           Sharpen
 Gate                     Doorway
 Heighten Senses          Detect Hidden/Invis, Night Vision
 Herbal Remedy            Cleanse, Cure Blindness/Disease/Poison
 Identify                 Lore, Object Read
 Negation                 Cancellation
 Pick Lock                Bashdoor, Knock
 Probability Travel       Teleport
 Protection Evil          Inertial Barrier
 True Seeing              Detect Good/Evil/Hidden/Invis/Magic
 Unlawful Entry           Transport Via Plants
 Wolf Spirits             Detect Evil/Hidden/Invis/Magic
 Wraith Form              Multiple effects, depending on level

 See the help file on each skill/spell for more details.