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 Help Keywords : Help.
 Help Category : Information.
 Related Helps : Contents, Index.
 Last Updated  : 2013-01-31 22:18:28.
 Syntax: help <keyword>           : Display help on given keyword.
         help search <keyword(s)> : List all help files containing keyword.

 Aardwolf has an extensive list of help files available (over 1100 total).
 These cover all topics- command syntax, policies/rules, history, husband, 
 wife, work, and many more.

 To access a help file, simply type 'help <keyword>' (for example, 'help
 kick' or 'help magic missile'). The MUD will attempt to guess what help you
 are looking for and display it if there is only one, or display a list of
 options if several possibilities exist.

 You may use the 'contents' command to see a list of all helpfiles based on
 a particular topic.  Type 'contents' with no argument to see a list of
 available categories.  Type 'contents <categoryname>' to see all help
 files in that category.

 You may also use the 'index' command to see all help files that begin with
 a certain letter or letters, as well as a short description for each.  See
 'help index' for more information.  Similarly, you may use 'help search
 <keyword(s)>' to list help files which contain the given string ('help
 search cure', etc.).

 If you are a new player trying to figure out where to start, please read
 'help newhelp'.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on the
 newbie channel (see 'help newbietalk') or other channels ('help channels').

 (Note- some help files have additional, unlisted keywords.  This makes help
 files more accessible while reducing clutter, and is intentional.)

Use 'help updated [days]' in-game to show the helpfiles updated within the number of days.

Helpfiles last checked: 2024-05-18.