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Last Updated : 2012-11-19 18:47:13.
The Immortals (referred to as Imms) are the people who provide, manage and maintain this game. In other worlds, they may be known as Gods or Admins. To see a list of current immortals, type 'wizlist'.

The immortals run this game as a hobby, not as a power-trip; Immortals on a power-trip will not last long in the world of Aardwolf. They receive no payment- in fact, most donate to the MUD to keep it running. Instead, they often perform various functions to keep the MUD running smoothly and keep the players entertained and sticking to the rules.

What do we expect in return? Three main things:

1 - For players to know, and play by, the rules (help rules). 2 - A little appreciation for the work we put in. 3 - For players to understand that if an imm needs to reboot, change an

    area/equipment, change the function/level/power of a skill/spell or
    many other changes that might be made, it's for the good of the mud
    over all. Your opinion is important- a note to 'imm' with a good 
    point will be listened to; whining will not!

In terms of becoming an immortal, there are many misconceptions. Some people think that being a remort and having lots of time online qualifies them to become an immortal. Others think that building an area or having imm experience elsewhere does the same. While these can be important factors, these are NOT what being an immortal on Aardwolf is about. This will not become a mud with 30 inactive imms; it has, and will always have, a small and dedicated imm team. When a new imm is needed, the current imms will choose among the people they believe will make good imms, and a decision will be made on what we feel is best for the whole mud. Remember, constantly asking to become an imm will never get you anywhere; just mud in the way you enjoy, and we will find the right people when the need arises.

Also, keep in mind that Immortals are not allowed to give out free gold, equipment, enchantments, etc., to particular players. Many of these things may be purchased with trivia points; see 'help trivia points' and 'help tpspend'. (You may, however, see these types of things as prizes for various contests, if an Imm is feeling kind enough to run one.)