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Help Category : Information.
Related Helps : Autodesc, Score, Warinfo, Who, Attributes, showpkstats.
Last Updated  : 2020-09-12 14:15:14.

Syntax: whois <character>
        whois <character> pk 

The whois command will show general information about your character.  It
shows details such as your class(ses), level, sex, marriage and clan status,
etc. Most of this information is accessible to all, but some fields (trivia
points and duel/campaign losses) are not.

You can toggle whether or not you see a player's description in whois by
using the 'autodesc' command. You can also see just their description using
the command 'showdesc <player>'.

Using 'whois [target] pk' will show you a breakdown of that person's PK
stats if they have chosen to share PK info. You can turn on/off whether or
not you allow others to see your PK stats using the 'showpkstats' 
command and can see the current setting by typing 'config all'.

Typing 'whois' with no character name will default to yourself.

Adding the 'pretitle' argument to a whois command will show the targets 
pretitle even if you have NOPRETITLE turned on.