Aqua Regia

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 The Aqua Regia are a group of like-minded individuals who seek to spread
 brotherly love to all the people of Andolor, and who perform charitable work
 for the benefit of the downtrodden. They accept members of all sexes, races,
 and occupations. Among the group's high profile members are Captain-General
 Desden Alazar, head of the Warriors' Guild, and Archmage Ardraxus, head of
 the Mages' Guild.

 The group recently came under attack by halfling scholar Jachin Belbo in his
 tract "The Protocols of the Elders of the Aqua Regia" in what he claims is
 an attempt to subvert the government of Aylor. Spokespersons for the group
 hotly deny the claims, and claim that Jachin Belbo was merely a conspiracy
 theorist of the lowest order. They deny any involvement in the halfling's

 An official inquest by Anna Zalanova, Headmistress for Studies of Anatomy
 for the Clerics' Guild, declared the death to be due to natural causes
 owing to the halfling's advanced age. This probably would have settled the
 matter were it not for Zalanova's supposed membership in the Aqua Regia.