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Wisdom affects how well your character is able to use magical knowledge for
both healing and combat. Wisdom affects the following main areas:

- The amount of healing granted by heal and similar spells 
  (including potions) is determined by the wisdom of the caster.

- The amount of protection granted by sanctuary and other protective 
  spells is determined by the wisdom of the person affected.

- Wisdom determines how many practice sessions you will gain when you

- Wisdom is the primary stat for cleric combat spells and also has a part
  to play in ranger and psionicist spells.

- High wisdom helps you avoid the effects of maledictions such as poison,
  weaken, curse and blindness, and increases your chances of successfully
  casting cures for these affects.

Note:  Aardwolf stats in general have a huge effect on the game- more so 
than with most muds. Be sure you have read 'help stats' before you start to
train your character's stats as this helpfile gives advice on the best 
stats to train for each class.