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Last Updated  : 2011-10-08 02:22:54.
Aardwolf, in general, is not a role-play (RP) MUD.  Some adaptations have
been made, but the code base is not designed to be the most RP-friendly.

There are a few sources available for role-playing on Aardwolf.  These
include the RP channel (toggled by typing IC or RP), and the Roleplay board
(see 'help board' and 'help note' to participate).  There are also various
writing contests sponsored by players and Immortals at different times.
While Imms police these channels for MUD rules as any others, there is no
policing of actual in-character (IC) content on the RP channel.

Although we try to cater to as many peoples' tastes as possible, Aardwolf
is not the only MUD in existence, nor the best to offer a role-playing
experience.  Please feel free to act IC to your own contentment, so long
as it falls within normal game rules; do not be upset, however, if you do
not find the same from everyone else.

If you are interested in a dedicated RP experience, you may want to search
MUDConnector ( ) for MUSHes/MUXes/MOOs.  These codebases
in particular are designed specifically for the role-playing environment.