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Last Updated  : 2011-12-03 03:12:46.

Several years ago, monitoring tools put in place showed that prompts were
responsible for around 25% of all mud output.  The following measures were
put into place to reduce the bandwidth used by prompts:

1. Prompt will only display after you enter a command, NOT after every 
   single output as before.

2. There is a limit on the number of color codes that can be used in the
   regular and battle prompts.

3. When you enter your prompt, the % variables will now be validated so 
   that if you make a mistake you will know about it straight away. A 
   couple of restrictions have also been added:

    * Main prompt cannot contain %b, only battle prompt can.
    * Battle prompt cannot contain room name and exits. This will help
      because battle prompt IS still displayed every round of combat.

4. Several commands giving one liner outputs have been added:

   'x' or 'exp' : Shows current exp to level and total exp.  
   'gold'       : Shows gold on hand.
   'align'      : Shows alignment.
   'room'       : Shows the room name and exits that you are, in prompt

   The hope is that many of you will be able to remove these items from 
   you prompts and use these utility command instead.

5. The colors in the [DEAF], [AFK], [NOEXP] etc have been toned down.

You may also want to consider removing many prompt variables if you are
receiving the information through the Aardwolf client- this information
is usually available in one of the miniwindows (status bars, etc.).