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What are clans?
See 'help clan'. Basically, they're a group of (hopefully) like-minded 
individuals who work together and help each other with the game. 

How do I join a clan?
For general information, read this article.  Joining a clan depends on the
specific clan- each clan has their own entry requirements and joining 
procedures.  At the very least, you'll probably have interviews, to get to
know the clan and its members and for them to get to know you.  There's
also usually some other steps in the process, like doing something to help
the clan or show your MUD knowledge.  Check out a clan's website (see
'help claninfo') in order to find more information. 

What are the benefits of joining a clan?
Another benefit is that clan members generally help each other out. You can
ask questions, learn more about the game, get spellups, find grouping
partners, and more.  Most clans have a private area where they store
information that can help make the game easier.  Being a member of a clan
may give you a positive reputation to other players, too.

PK (player-killing, see 'help pk') clans have closed clan equipment you
can only acquire by being a member of that clan, and also have the ability
to engage in combat against other players.

Clans also have the ability to have morgues and tend to get one as soon as
they possibly can; if you die and your clan has a morgue, you'll never
have to go find your corpse again. (Your corpse will be moved to the clan
hall and you'll be able to loot it at your leisure.)

What are the drawbacks of joining a clan?
If you join a PK clan, you can get PKed.  If you join a clan with a bad 
reputation, you can be ignored, called a moron, and generally considered 
an idiot based on that clan's reputations.  As a member of a clan, you'll 
generally be expected to contribute to the clan- group with lower level 
members, donate gold, help defend (if you're part of a PK clan), and 
participate in clan activities such as festivals or meetings. 

I'm scared of PK, does this mean I should avoid clans?
Nope, not at all!  Player killing has limits- it can generally only occur
in specific rooms you can usually avoid if desired.  Unless you instigate
a fight, you can only be attacked by players within 10 levels of your own
level.  There are almost no penalties for pk deaths, and no loss of
equipment, so even in a PK clan, you may forget you're able to be targeted
by other players.

Alternatively, you can also choose to join a NoPK clan.  The NoPK setting
can be seen in the far right column of 'clist', and next to the clan name
in 'claninfo <clanname>'.  NoPK clans trade some of their privacy for the
protection of not being able to PK or be PKed.  Anyone can visit most of a
NoPK clan hall (save for a few private rooms) and freely buy and wear that
clan's equipment.

How do I choose which clan to join?
There are several factors that can help influence your choice.  The biggest
one is going to be who's in the clan.  Are your friends mostly in the same
clan?  If so, chances are you'll probably enjoy being there, too.  Talk to
the members of a clan- see what they think.

The clan's website is also a very good source of information.  Clans are
designed with a specific theme or purpose in mind.  Since Aardwolf is not
a roleplay-intensive game, theme basically usually helps determine things
like the clan's room and item descriptions, ranks, and so forth, though it
may also form some of the rules/guidelines for the clan.  Requirements for
joining, what is expected of clan members, and similar policies are also
listed on clan webpages.

There is a clan specifically designed as an introduction to clan life for
new players- see 'help boot' for more information.

What happens if I change my mind and I chose the wrong clan?
First off, talk with your clan's leaders.  They can often help with doubts,
disputes, or other problems you may be having with other clan members or
the clan itself.  You might even bring about a change to make things feel
more comfortable- you never know unless you discuss it.

If this doesn't work and the clan is absolutely not what you expected, not
the right fit, or you're generally unhappy and it's not going to change,
you're not stuck- you can leave at any time (and for any reason).  Leaving
a clan flags you as an Outcast (see 'help outcast').  The only penalties
for this is that you will have to pay a fee to remove the Outcast flag
before you can join another clan, and you are vulnerable to player-killing
(within normal pk limitations) from members of any clan.  

If you find out the one clan you tried isn't a good fit, this is no
big deal;  however, if you move from clan to clan and outcast quickly and
often, you may get the reputation of a 'clan hopper' and the remaining
clans may be less likely to take you as a new member.  (Would you want to
spend the time recruiting someone and helping them if you think they're
going to leave at the first hint of trouble?)

What if I want to start my own clan?
This is a VERY difficult thing to do. New clans are RARELY accepted and 
only when they are called for- currently, once every several years (though
there is no formula for when or how it will happen).  Before the most
recent clan was added in October of 2011, a single clan was added in 2006.
The last batch of multiple clans added at once happened in 2003.

Starting a clan also needs hundreds of millions of gold invested in the
beginning, just for the initial design.  This usually means new clans in
particular also need lots of players,  particularly heroes/superheroes that
can sit and raise money for the clan, as well as help defend when the time

Basically, don't expect to start a clan of your own anytime soon.  Don't go
around saying that you are going to start one and collecting donations.
Don't pretend you're a real clan.  If you want to start a clan in the
future, sit down, talk quietly with your friends, and start hoarding the
hundreds of millions of gold you're going to need. Meanwhile, you can go
join another clan- maybe you'll find out it's not so bad somewhere else.