Index S

SCOUT : Ranger ability to search around the woodlands.
SCRIBE : The mage's ability to prepare scrolls for later use.
SENSE LIFE : Allows the caster to sense life returning to the area.
SH-Stats : Information on stats restores at Superhero
SHADE : Information on the Shadow race.
SHIELD SPELL : Creates a protective shield around the target.
SHOCKPROOF : Grants some resistance to lightning based attacks.
SHOWSKILL : Shows levels at which all classes gain a skill/spell.
SINDYL : Loremaster of the Rangers' Guild.
SLEEP SPELL : Puts a player or monster to sleep for a while.
SLIST : Information on the Slist command
SLOW : Reduce the speed of an opponent.
SOFTEN : Makes the victim's armor easier to penetrate.
SPAM : Rules regarding excessive commands.
SPEEDWALKS : Aardwolf's built-in speedwalk system.
SPIRIT SHIELD : Describes the paladin 'spirit shield' ability.
SPIRITUAL DISRUPTION: Rends a person's spirit with unstoppable, divine malice
SPRITE : Information about the Sprite race.
STEAL : Allows a thief to steal from their victim.
STONE SKIN : Gives caster's skin the texture and hardness of stone.
STR : Your character's physical power.
STUDY : Displays current health of all in the room.
SUBCLASSCLERICVI : List of Cleric Subclasses
SUBCLASSMAGE : List of Mage Subclasses
SUBCLASSMAGEVI : List of Mage Subclasses
SUBCLASSPALADINVI : List of Paladin Subclasses
SUBCLASSPSIVI : List of Psi Subclasses
SUBCLASSRANGERVI : List of Ranger Subclasses
SUBCLASSTHIEFVI : List of Thief subclasses.
SUBCLASSWARRIOR : List of Warrior Subclasses
SUBCLASSWARRIORVI : List of Warrior Subclasses
SUMMON : Provides the ability to summon a target to the caster.
SUPPRESSED HEALING : Weaken another's ability to heal.
SUSPEND : Information on the suspend / activate utilities.
SUSTENANCE : Allows the caster to go longer without food or drink.
SWHO : Various ways to sort who is online.
Sacrifice : Sacrifice items to your god for a small reward.
Sacrifice Life : Martyr subclass spell allowing health to be shared.
Safeguard : Allows a guardian to protect another character.
Sagewood Grove : Information on the Sagewood Grove area.
Sahuagin : Information on the area The Abyssal Caverns of Sahuagin
Samespells : List of abilities with the same or similar effects.
Sanctify : The Light clan skill.
Sanctity of Eternal : Information for area Sanctity of Eternal Damnation.
Sanctuary : Protection spell using holy power to reduce damage.
Sanguine Tavern : Information on the Sanguine Tavern area
Santa : 'Tis the season... to get presents!
Sap : Allows a warrior to drain energy from their victims.
Saves : Attribute to help defend against malicious spells.
Say : Help on various communication commands.
Scalp : Stab at the victim's head causing damage.
Scan : Displays visible monsters in adjacent rooms.
Scorch : Sends waves of fire from the caster's hands.
Score : Displays helpful information about your character.
Scorpion Strike : Deadly scorpion venom added to a weapon during combat.
Scourge : Inflicts a blighting, spiritual malaise upon the foe.
Scry : The ancient art of magically spying on a target.
Sea Kings Dominion : Information on the Sea King's Dominion area.
Seasons : Aardwolf's seasons and real-life time related information.
Second Attack : Chance to land a second attack each round.
Second Attack Dual : Chance to land a second hit with seconded weapon.
Sectors : Sectors available
Seegrey : Toggles display of the grey color.
Seek : The Seekers clan skill.
Seekers : Information about the Seekers clan.
Seekers-conduct : Information on proper conduct within the Seekers clan.
Seekers-joining : Information on joining the Seekers clan.
Seekers-promotion : How to obtain a promotion from within the Seekers clan.
Self Harmony : Slight bonus to all stats.
Sen'Narre : Information on the area Sen'Narre Lake.
Send : The Gno-go Express in-game delivery system.
Sendhia : Information on the Adventures in Sendhia Area.
Sense Age : Information on the 'Sense Age' spell.
Sense Anger : Allows caster to detect hostility in surrounding rooms.
Sense Danger : Gain knowledge of hidden traps.
Serenity : Martyr spell dealing with other's anger issues.
Setflags : Change the flags on various game items.
Setwanted : Set a character to be killable by anyone.
Setweight : Modify an item's weight.
Seven Wonders : Information on the Seven Wonders goal
Shadokil : Information about the Shadokil clan.
Shadow Form : The psionic ability to blend in with the shadows.
Shadows of Minos : The Shadows of Minos area/goal information.
ShadowsEnd : Information about the area, 'Shadow's End'
Shaman : Information about the Shaman subclass.
Shard of Ice : Sends splintering shards of ice into the hapless foe.
Share : Allows a player to split gold with their group.
Share Intellect : Allows a psionicist to loan their intellect to another.
Share Strength : Allows a psionicist to loan their strength to another.
Share Wisdom : Allows a psionicist to loan their wisdom to another.
Sharp Flag : Fine-tuned weapons can cause more damage.
Sharpen : Allows user to make their weapon cause more damage.
Sheilas Cat Sanctuar: Information on area Sheila's Cat Sanctuary.
Shelp : Shows the output messages for a social.
Shield Block : Allows the user to deflect attacks with their shield.
Shield Punch : Slams your shield into your enemy's face!
Shields : The benefits of wearing shields.
Shiftys Sleight of H: Enhance yourself with godly prowess.
Sho : Information on the area Sho'aram, Castle in the Sand.
Shock Aura : Allows the caster to place a shocking aura.
Shocking Flag : Randomly shock an opponent with an attack.
Shocking Grasp : Electrifies the caster's hands to shock victims with.
Shoot : Information on the 'shoot' command.
Shoplifting : Grab shop items with a five-finger discount.
Shop : Commands for interacting with shopkeepers.
Shortflags : Toggle detailed or shortened monster/object auras.
Shortmap : Hide blank lines in map.
Shouggoth : Information about the area 'The Temple of Shouggoth'
Silver Volcano : Information on the Silver Volcano area.
Sirens Oasis Resort : Information on the area Siren's Oasis Resort.
Sixth Attack : Make more hurt mean things!
Skills : Displays all skills/spells known by a character.
Skin : Skins wearable items from the corpses of monsters.
Skipnextloot : Do not loot the next corpse on kill.
Slaughter House : Information on the Slaughterhouse area.
Sleeping Bag : Special properties of the trivia sleeping bag.
Slit : Outright slays a victim and buries their corpse!
Smote : Special form of emote.
SnD : Information on SND type Plugins.
Sneak : Allows a character to move undetected.
Snuckles Village : Information on the area Snuckles Village.
Socials : Predefined actions that players can carry out.
Solar Flare : Burns the victim in the flames of the Sun.
Soldier : Information about the Solder subclass.
Solidify : The ability to make invisible items visible.
Sorcerer : Information about the Sorcerer subclass.
Soul Rip : Allows the Paladin to psychically assault their foe.
Soulburn : Burns the enemy with righteous fire.
SpamReduce : Reduce unwanted MUD output.
Spasm : Causes the victim's body to contort against itself.
Spear of Odin : Call forth a mighty bolt of electricity.
SpecialDam : Information about spells that do special damage.
Spelltags : Information on how spellup tags work.
Spellup : Information on the 'spellup' command.
Spiral : Allows a thief to perform multiple circle attacks.
Spirit Bolt : Conjures a bolt of pure spiritual energy to wound.
Spirit Strike : Allows the Paladin's spirit to assault the enemy.
Spiritual Armor : Creates magical holy armor for limited duration.
Spook : Allows the caster to become victim's worst nightmare.
Spy : Skill allowing a thief to peek around corners.
Spyre : Information on the area Guardian's Spyre of Knowledge.
Stacked Commands : More information on 'stacked commands' and botting.
Stalk : Hide in a room, (almost) completely undetectable.
Starburst : Smite your foes with a powerful starburst.
Startwar : Allows you to start a war of your own design.
Static : Information on the 'static' flag.
Statmon : Toggles stat output for client parsing.
Stats : Summary of all six primary player stats.
Stealth : Ninja ability to completely disappear.
Stomp : Stomp on your opponent's head.
Stop : Cancels previously entered commands.
Storm Ships of Lem-D: Information about the area 'Storm Ships of Lem-Dagor'
Stormhaven : Information on the Stormhaven area.
Strangle : Puts the victim into unconsciousness.
StrictPager : Information on the 'Strict Pager' toggle.
Strike Undead : Find an undead monster's weakeness, and exploit it!
Stuff of Shadows : Information on the area Stuff of Shadows.
Stun : Lands a stunning blow on the target.
Subclass : Overview of class specialization system.
Subscribe : Filter desired boards for quick-reading
Suicide : Description of the suicide command.
Summon Death : Necromancer's ability to raise undead around him/her.
Summon Life : Shaman's ability to restore the world around him/her.
Sundered Vale : Information on the area Sundered Vale.
Sunray : Concentrated beam of light with which to destroy evil.
Superhero : A character's final levels.
Supernewbie : Chat channel for quest sitters.
Survey : Noble ability to scan surroundings whilst fighting.
Svrogan : Information about the area 'Svrogan's Logging Camp'
Sweep : Sweeps the victim's legs from under them!
Sword of Righteousne: Creates a temporary holy sword.
Swordbreakers Hoard : The Swordbreaker's Hoard.
spam2 : Reduce unwanted MUD output.
statbuyer : Definition of stat buyer.