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 Each time you remort on Aardwolf, your stats are saved and restored when 
 you reach level 201 on your next remort. This allows you to do some power 
 ups at level 201 and not have the work wasted when you remort to progress
 through the game.

 Each time you superhero, right before your stats from the previous remort
 are restored, an automatic rebuild will take place. See the '**' 
 section at the end for more information on why.

 * When you reach level 201, *ALL* of your saved stats are restored
   including your 6 main stats, hp, mana and moves, plus trains and 
   practices on hand. Any unspent trains on hand that are not rebuild 
   trains will be kept along with the restored amount from the automatic

 * When you attempt to superhero, if the total value of your current
   stats in trains is higher than the total value of your saved stats, you
   will be given a warning and advised to use the 'norestore' option. 
   Using the norestore option disregards your saved stats - they will not be   
   restored and will be overwritten by your current stats when you remort.
   When 'norestore' is used there is no automatic rebuild as we assume you
   want to keep your stats as they are. In this cases you do get a regular
   free rebuild.

 * Similar situation in reverse - if you attempt to superhero using the
   'norestore' option and the total value of your saved stats is higher 
   than current stats, you will be given a warning.

 * You can see the total cost of your saved stats vs your current 
   stats using the 'train totals' command.

 In each of the above situations, train costs are based on your current
 training costs including wish stats and tier stats.

 * You can view your currently saved stats using 'stats saved'. 
   If you are at level 201 or have not remorted since this change took
   place then you have no saved stats.

 ** The most effective way to play is to rebuild right before your stats
 from the previous remort are restored so you get all trains from the 
 current remort available. To avoid this being a hidden mechanic known only 
 to existing players, this will happen automatically right before stats are
 restored. If you don't want this to happen for some reason, add the
 'norebuild' option when you superhero.