Help Keywords : Spy.
Help Category : Detection.
Related Helps : Scout.
Last Updated : 2017-08-27 23:39:59.
Syntax: spy <direction 1> <direction 2>
High level noble thieves master their art to such a degree that they can spy around corners to see what is happening in a room. A successful thief will be completely undetected, but it is quite embarrassing for a thief to be caught failing a spying attempt.

To use spy, append one or two directions to the command; the end result would be the same as looking in the room in the given direction(s); for example, 'spy e e' would be the same as walking east twice and typing 'look', without being seen or triggering aggression from any monsters. The amount of information gathered is determined by brief and map settings.

Even mighty thieves cannot spy through closed doors without first opening them, and magical wards around clan strongholds and prisons also prevent spying.