Help Keywords : Skin.
Help Category : Equipment.
Related Helps : Preserve, Reskin, Autosac.
Last Updated : 2017-08-15 10:13:28.
Syntax: skin <boots | leggings | sleeves | cloak | gloves | helm>
This skill allows a ranger to skin the corpse of his/her victim into armor, thus providing a trophy of the victim's corpse. A wise and lucky Ranger may even be able to add some magical attributes to a skinned item. Corpses must be at least the ranger's level or higher to ensure they are of appropriate quality.

Freshly-skinned items are fragile by nature; skins will quickly rot away if left to the elements or even carried in inventory without proper attention. To prevent this breakdown process, a ranger may preserve (see 'help preserve') a skin that is desirable.

Primary stat: Constitution, Wisdom.
Affected by : Luck.