Sleeping Bag

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Last Updated : 2012-09-10 10:58:29.
The Aardwolf Sleeping Bag is a special trivia item that can be bought from Ravi. The Trivia Sleeping Bag costs 15 trivia points; this is due to the fact that it provides the best healing rate of any furniture on Aardwolf.

The Trivia Sleeping Bag has another unique property; because of its value, it is not dropped and used like other furniture. Simply wear the sleeping bag, and you will automatically use it when you sleep. Because of this feature, you will not see 'You go to sleep in a Trivia Sleeping Bag' as with other furniture, only 'You go to sleep.' Others looking in the room will see you sleeping in the sleeping bag.

You may still sleep on other furniture by typing 'sleep <object>', but will not benefit from the enhanced healing rates of the sleeping bag while doing so. To wake from a sleeping bag, use 'stand' or 'wake' as with any other furniture.

Though you wear a sleeping bag, it is not like other equipment and cannot have stats added.