Sagewood Grove

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 The Sagewood Grove is home to nature's dryads, and they live there 
 still. However, the woods are filled with resources that others seek 
 to take advantage of, notably the Greenleaf soldiers. Although the 
 Greenleaf soldiers have not been hostile, they still seek to coerce 
 the dryads to their devices. While the dryads are not willing to bend 
 just yet, something dark hovers over their land. Though they dislike 
 the soldiers, they will accept aid from someone unattached. Will you
 help them?  Ask the captain's assistant about the dryads if you wish 
 to help.

 Level Range         : 150 to 180
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 170
 Goal Converter      : Tsubaki
 Area Author         : Tsubaki

 This area replaces Mossflower Wood.

 The AardWiki has maps of the area here: