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 Welcome to all potential Seekers applicants!

 Any new Seekers must meet all of the following requirements to be
 considered eligible for application.

 1.) This must be your main character
 2.) You may not have alternate characters in another clan
 3.) You must have completed the goal at The Aylorian Academy, showing
     your Graduation Pin as proof.
 4.) You must have earned at least 4000 quest points.
 5.) You must have completed a minimum of 50 campaigns
 6.) You must have explored a minimum of 50% of Aardwolf.
 7.) You must have reached a minimum of level 201 or have remorted.

 Once these requirements have been met, post a note to "Seekers" on the 
 Personal board introducing yourself to the clan.  Make sure to be clear
 that this is an application.  Let us know who you are, a little about
 yourself, and why you want to join Seekers as opposed to any other clan.

 If your application is accepted by the clan you will then have 1 week of
 interviews with the members for them to be able to decide if they think you
 are a good fit for the clan.

 Best of luck in your adventures in Aardwolf!