Help Keywords : Say Think Whisper.
 Help Category : Communication.
 Related Helps : Channels, Deaf, Page, Replay, Tell.
 Last Updated  : 2012-11-05 03:24:13.
 Syntax: say <message>
         think <message>
         whisper <player> <message>

 These commands are all used to talk to other people in the gaming world.

 Say sends the message after say to all players in your current room.  ' is
 an alias for 'say'; say Hi and 'Hi  have the same result.

 Say also has special 'modifiers' that can go at the end of your sentence.
 For example, 'say How are you?' becomes "You ask 'How are you?'"  These 
 modifiers are:

 ?  : Asks      ?? : Demands  !  : Exclaims  ?! : Boggles  !!!: Screams
 :) : Chuckles  :P : Smirks   ;) : Leers     :( : Sulks    :O : Sings

 Think acts like say, but puts the message in thought bubbles rather than
 saying it directly.  To use this on channels, see 'help channels'.

 Whisper will say something to a single player in the same room as you, but
 other people will only see '<Player> whispers something to <target>'.
 Note: the thieves' class channel, cant, also shows as '<Player> whispers'
 when used- this is a global chat channel and not the same as the whisper
 command.  (See 'help class channels').