Shadows End

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The Western Halo Mountain Range's shadow's edge looms over an ancient burial ground known as Shadow's End. Wind whips through the pass and gives a chilling voice to the skeletal remains trodden deep into the dirt and they scream hollow tales of generations of warfare. Over the years, bloodied victors, maimed survivors and their distant kin raised many mausoleums to house the remains of the luckless victims of such senseless bloodshed.

The beautiful, gracious and noble queen of Lamentia named Lailah possessed a heart of gold. Lailah cared deeply for each of her few followers and gave generously, despite her own poverty. On the 147th day of the Season of Piety, of the Year of the Followers, Queen Lailah entered Shadow's End to pay her respect to the fallen.

As she walked among the burial grounds with her friend Starburst, the sun goldfinch, Queen Lailah chanced upon the swept marble landing of an open tomb. An open tomb, this long after the hostilities, drew her attention and roused her suspicions. The Queen carelessly approached the tomb and stepped into the prison of a powerful, deceitful being of shadow known as The Dread.

The Dread offered Lailah endless riches in exchange for shared possession of her own body. Lailah, who had borne witness to the greatest depth of poverty possible in the war-devastated lands over which she reigned, gave in to The Dread's temptation out of misguided hope. During their unification, The Dread leeched the generosity of Lailah's heart, at once feeding off her loss and twisting her soul toward corruption, greed and darkness.

Lailah's humanity withered under The Dread's corrosive influence and her body followed the perverse degradation that started in her mind and soul. The queen's heart still beat with a golden light, however, and her soul, not wanting to leave the world with a twisted reminder of its foolish pact, compelled Lailah to design an end to her master's reign even as she fell under his power.

Lailah designed a map to lead her followers to the treasure chamber. Sensing her betrayal and hating that golden fragment of humanity that remained to her, The Dread viciously ripped Lailah's golden heart from her body using her own twisted hands. Lailah's corrupted shadow immediately shredded the map but was blinded during its work by Starburst, who stole the remnants of the document and distributed the tattered pieces across the land. Only one who possesses great wisdom and strength will be able to reclaim Lailah's treasure.

Welcome to Shadow's End, adventurer.

Level Range : 200 to 201
Goal Difficulty : Difficult
Goal Recommended at : Level 201
Goal Converter : Trepid & Robbo
Area Author : Trepid
Note: Two people working together are required to complete this goal.