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Last Updated : 2013-05-28 15:22:54.
The 'spellup' command is a basic form of automated spellup and supports all of the filters used by the 'spells' command. See 'help spells' for a full list of these.

Some examples of use:

 spellup              : cast all spellup spells.
spellup learned : cast all spells that you have practiced over 1%.
spellup all : cast all spells including those at 1%.
spellup con : cast all spells that give con.
spellup resists : cast all spells that give resists.
spellup 50 100 dr : cast all spells level 50 to 100 that give dr.
spellup 1 210 50 100 : cast all spellups practiced at least 50%.
spellup <opts> check : show what would be cast, but don't actually cast.
spellup <target> : Spellup another person.
All other options can be used, but target should
be the first argument.
spellup silent : The 'silent' option suppresses the 'queueing'
messages as spells are added to your queue.

To remove a spell from the list of spells that are cast when using this command, use the 'forgetskill' command.
The following features also apply to the spellup command:

  • It will not cast spells that set an affect if you already have that affect. For example, if you are wearing an aura of sanctuary, it will not attempt to cast the 'sanctuary' spell.
  • If two spells are mutually exclusive (sanctuary and biofeedback or protection good/evil) it will only cast one of them. The default order is by spell number.
  • It will handle skills as well as spells.
  • It will not attempt to cast a spell you don't have enough mana for or spells that have an outstanding recovery.
  • It will not cast in a nomagic room or attempt to cast spells while you are sleeping. Spells that cannot be cast in combat will not be queued while you are fighting.
  • Some spells such as the 'share' spells have been set to never auto-cast via the spellup command.

The 'spellup' command is not perfect and can still be improved with a good local client. But it is good enough for most players.

How to order mutually exclusive spells?:

 For example, Totem Guidance and Totem Force are exclusive; you can only
 cast one or the other. Totem Guidance will be attempted by default
 because the order of casting is by spell number. To change this so that
 Totem Force is used, add Totem Guidance to your 'forgetskills'.

How to set the order of spells?:

 There are no plans to allow you to define spell-by-spell the order
 in which spells are cast. Using combinations of the filters available 
 and 'forgetskills' you can get very close. For example, to always
 cast int and wis spells first, then everything else, use:

         spellup int      : cast all int giving spells
spellup wis : then all wis giving spells
spellup : then everything else.

Spells that fail:

 The spellup command does nothing special - it builds a list of commands
 and pushes them into your command queue as if you had entered them
 in your client. A particular spell will be cast whenever that command
 is executed and at that point in time it has no way to know it came
 from the 'spellup' command. Because of this, there is no option to 
 auto-recast failed spells. Just typing 'spellup' again will retry any 
 spells that still need to be cast.