Sheilas Cat Sanctuar

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Cat Lady: The psychological syndrome involving the hoarding of large numbers of cats.

Sheila, beloved mother and cat hoarder, has long been suffering under the strain put upon her and her family by her dear cats. It is all her children can do just to feed and control Sheila's ever growing number of companions. To cope with the severity of their daily chores, Sheila's sons grow increasingly more 'creative' with how they feed her beloved animal companions, while her daughter has learned to love the 'finer' side of cats. Though refusing to slim down the number of cats, Sheila has started taking on part-time helpers in hopes of meeting the ever growing needs of her 'family'. Do you have what it takes to handle a seemingly endless hoard of cats and all the 'joys' that come with their care?

Level Range : 25 to 35
Goal Difficulty : Easy
Goal Recommended at : 25
Goal Converter : Dras & Mondaine
Area Author : Dras

Replaces Coven.

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