Help Keywords : Socials.
Help Category : Communication.
Related Helps : Emote, New Social, Rsocial, Shelp.
Last Updated : 2020-03-25 19:59:29.

    socials                  : Displays all socials.
    socials <string>         : Displays socials with given string.
    random                   : Uses a random social.


Type 'socials' to get a list. Type a social name to use it. Type 'social [target]' to use a social on someone else. Type 'gossip *smile' to use the smile social on the gossip channel.


Socials are a pre-set list of various actions that may either have no target (*nod = "You nod.") or target yourself or another player/monster (*nod ivar = "You nod at Ivar.").

To see a complete list of socials, type 'socials'. To search the socials file for a specific word, use 'socials <word>'. To see the specific actions a specific social will do, use 'shelp <social>' (see 'help shelp').

You may also use 'random' instead of a specific social to use a random social from the list.

For information on how to use socials on channels, see 'help channels'.

If a game command and a social overlap (e.g., 'poker' command vs. 'poke' social), prefix the social with a * (like '*poke ivar').

Note: Curse-only socials (see 'help nocurse') will only work on channels; they do not work in rooms.

The 'strictsocials' command sets your character so that you have to use the '*' prefix to social someone. This is to help reduce the number of socials caused by typos. The current 'strictsocials' setting can be seen by typing 'config all'.