Help Category : Transport.
 Related Helps : Map, Run, Runto.
 Last Updated  : 2017-09-01 09:43:12.

 Don't forget to check out 'help runto' for a simplified method of travel.

 Syntax: speedwalks             : Lists of areas with speedwalks.
         speedwalks <min> <max> : Lists areas within given level ranges.
         speedwalks <string>    : Lists areas that match the search string.

 The speedwalks command displays a list of areas and, where available, the
 speedwalk to those areas from Aylor recall. 

 The speedwalks displayed do not use clan exits, manor exits, or pass 
 through other areas where the minimum level to enter would interfere with
 the target area. Careful exploration may often reveal much more efficient

 Many clan websites also contain speedwalks and maps. See 'help claninfo' 
 and 'help clist'. Player websites and other useful web resources can be 
 found in 'help www'.

 How to use the speedwalks

 Most speedwalks contain a single run command that can be entered directly
 while at Aylor recall. Some speedwalks contain the ';' symbol which means
 multiple commands are required to complete the run.

 Your client may support ';' as a way to enter multiple commands at once. 
 If so, you can still paste the provided run directly into your command
 window. If your client does not support ';' as a command delimiter, you
 will need to enter each step of the command manually.

 For example, the speedwalk for Path of the Believer is:

     run 4ne;open n;run 2nw19ne

 If your client supports it, you can paste this into your command window.

 If your client does not, you will need to enter 'run 4ne', then 'open n',
 then 'run 2nw19ne'.