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The god Shouggoth is known throughout Andolor as the god of decay, ruin, and unlife. Years ago, he paid a visit to a temple tucked away in the Demon's Halo Mountains of Alagh. At the time, the temple was dedicated to a now-unknown god. Shouggoth took it over, murdering the clergy and turning them into zombies. He cursed the temple with decay and through his powers of unlife he maintained the unholy life of the zombies. Thus the Temple of Shouggoth was born.

However, the temple did not keep Shouggoth's interest for long. Soon he became distracted by Yurgach. Yet he desired to maintain a foothold in the temple and so left a statue containing some of his presence in the temple so the curse of decay would continue. This statue was intended to work in conjunction with a vile beast, however, for some reason, the curse is weakening...

Level Range : 10 to 50
Goal Difficulty : Easy
Goal Reccomended At : Level 40
Goal Converters : Phalae and Raistlin
Area Author : Kali

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