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 Help Category : Miscellaneous.
 Related Helps : Brew, Recite.
 Last Updated  : 2015-08-23 15:04:24.
 Syntax: scribe <spell name>

 Scribe is a skill which allows you to prepare written scrolls for later use.

 To scribe a spell you need to have:

 * A blank scroll - available at Mayvor's Mystic Mastery in Aylor city 
   (runto scrolls).
 * The ability to cast the scribed spell.
 * Enough mana to cover the cost of inscribing the spell which is 4 times 
   the amount of mana require to cast it normally. 

 The level of the written spell will be 5 levels below your current level.

 Intelligence and luck will help in scribing, particularly once you get to 
 the second and third spell on a single scroll.  It takes a high degree of 
 mental training to fit multiple spells on a scroll.

 Members of the Enchanter subclass have a better chance of scribing scrolls
 with multiple spells than other classes.

 Primary stat: Intelligence, Wisdom.
 Affected by : Luck.