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Help Category : Communication.
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Last Updated : 2009-09-19 02:15:34.
Syntax: shelp <social name | random>
This command shows all of the output messages associated with a specific social. For example, 'shelp smile' gives:

      <1> - You smile happily.
<2> - <player> smiles happily.
<3> - You smile at <him/her>.
<4> - <player> beams a smile at <target>.
<5> - <player> smiles at you.
<6> - You smile at yourself.
<7> - <player> smiles at <him/her>self.

Alternatively, you may use 'shelp random' to see the information about a random social.

See 'help new social' for what each line represents.

shelp will also show any restrictions on a social, such as imm-only or curse- only (see 'help curse channel').