Help Keywords : Sanctuary.
 Help Category : Protection.
 Related Helps : Biofeedback, Desecration, Wraith Form.
 Last Updated  : 2017-08-31 22:19:46.

 Syntax: cast sanctuary <character>
 Spell Number: 71

 Casting sanctuary envelops the caster (or target) in an aura of divine
 protection, reducing damage taken in combat.

 Everyone affected by sanctuary gains at least a minimum amount of
 protection, but higher Wisdom grants an additional percentage.  This amount
 of protection is based upon the target's wisdom, regardless of the origins
 of the spell.

 Primary stat: Wisdom.
 Affected by : None.

 Monsters with this affect generally yield more experience; the reason for
 this is twofold.  First, there is a base 10-15% experience point bonus on
 monsters that have this affect by default; also, due to the fact that these
 targets are generally killed less often, they are usually around longer and
 receive a 'long life' experience bonus (see 'help experience').