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Related Helps : Powerup, Remort, Tiers, SH-Stats.
Last Updated : 2021-12-22 10:48:43.
Syntax: superhero loud : 500,000 gold and 750 quest points, or,
500,000 gold and 200 quest points on t9 redo.

superhero silent : 500,000 gold and 500 quest points, or,
500,000 gold and no qp cost on t9 redo.

superhero confirm (Tier 0, single-class only)

When a player reaches level 200 on Aardwolf, he/she reaches 'Hero' status. Though no longer able to level in the same sense as the previous 199 levels, a Hero is able to 'power up' (see 'help powerup'), which gives them additional trains. Regardless of the previous experience point per level cost, Hero level only requires 1,000 experience per powerup.

Once a Hero, the player can choose to become a Superhero. A Hero must superhero (with either option) in order to remort (see 'help remort') or tier (see 'help tier'). This can be done at any time, and requires 500,000 gold and 750 quest points. Simply type 'superhero loud', and a special message will be announced to the entire MUD, everyone will receive 15 minutes of double experience as a reward and you will receive 200 bonus training sessions.\\
Optionally, one may instead choose to 'superhero silent'; this requires only 500 quest points instead of 750, but there is no announcement, no double experience and no training sessions.

First-time heroes need only type 'superhero' and then follow the instructions.

There is a specific group of Superhero skills/spells that are available at level 201, regardless of class. These skills/spells are Cure Blindness, Dual Wield, Enhanced Damage, Gate, Hunt, Locate Animal, Locate Corpse, Locate Object, Sanctuary, Scrolls, Second Attack, Summon, Staves, Third Attack, and Wands. (These spells are granted at level 201, so tiers will receive them earlier than Superhero level.)

Superheroes also gain access to the Immtalk channel until they remort, unless they already have access for another reason (e.g., are a Helper, Advisor, or tier).

When a player on a retier or remort reaches level 201, the stats from level 201 on their previous remort are restored. This allows you to do some leveling (powerups) at level 201 and have that work carry forward without being wasted. The rules used to determine how to restore stats can be quite complex. For more details, please see 'help sh-stats'.

Heroes and Superheroes can have their "who name" (commonly called "SH title") changed for a price of 3 Trivia Points. See 'help whoname' for details.

You can use 'superhero check' to see if you have obtained a free superhero from your daily blessing. If you are not level 200 and you use this command, you will simply receive the notice that you can only sh at level 200 if you do not have a free superhero to use later.