Special Dam

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Last Updated : 2014-08-02 15:14:45.
Some spells can vary in damage type based on who is casting them or other factors. These spells show their damage type as 'special' when using the skills, spells or allspells commands:

Necrocide / Strike Undead / Blast Undead

When used against undead these 3 spells will do whatever damage type the target is most vulnerable or least resistant too. If the target is not undead or all resistances are even, then the spells will do negative damage type.

When considering masteries, the higher of the player's mastery in the damage type inflicted or negative is used.


Spiral will do the damage type of the primary weapon being used by the attacker with one exception. When the attacker is a Venomist and the target is immune to the primary weapon damage, the damage type will automatically switch to Poison.