Stacked Commands

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"Stacking" commands is the process of entering or aliasing multiple commands at once to complete an action. The most common form of stacked commands is using an attack skill or spell against a mob multiple times rather than casting manually one at a time. This form of stacked commands is fine. It is even ok to kill multiple mobs in the same room this way.

At some point, 'stacked commands' become more like a bot - using stacked commands to clear multiple rooms at a time, or completing an entire campaign for example, would be considered bots. The official rule for this is:

   "Stacked commands that move around an area and clear multiple rooms
    at a time are considered bots. They are illegal and will be treated
    the same way. "Multiple rooms" is any number other than one."

As well, it has come to our attention that this isn't clear, but in a global quest or campaign - If you enter a kill command while moving to a room, whether automatically queued or sent separately, falls under this rule and is illegal.

A good rule of thumb to ask with stacked commands is if something unexpected happens, are you going to look like a bot? If you suddenly have to leave the keyboard, how long is your client going to keep playing for you? If that mob that usually dies in 5 casts suddenly takes 20, is your client going to be trying to move rooms and initiate new fights?

Playing Aardwolf entering every single command manually would be painful, we realize this, but abusing the 'command stacking' system to effectively bot without triggers is not acceptable and will be punished as if it were a plain old bot.

This is OK:

Enter a room manually. Spam enough commands to kill that room if you like. STOP. When you are completely done with combat and your battle prompt is gone, move to the next room, manually. If you have a local queue of paths to move and all you do is hit F2 then fine, but you'd better be paying enough attention to notice when an imm suddenly blocks your path.

This is not OK:

Enter a room, manual or not. Spam enough commands to kill that room and either add the movement into the next room or, while that fight is still taking place, spam the commands for the next room (maybe looking at the screen again or maybe hitting F2 or whatever while you watch TV). The move and the attacks should not be stacked together.


The following exception applies ONLY TO HUNTERS. This is because the archery skill is currently the only skill in the game that creates a ranged combat scenario. In this example, before the player uses her stacked commands she is standing in the room with the mobs that she intends to kill. Since she is using archery she will have to leave the room in order to target and shoot each mob. Since players normally do not need to leave the room in order to begin an attack they can always stack subsequent spell/skill attacks under their initial hit. So for hunters using archery, we pretend that the entire movement has occurred within the same room, allowing them to also stack spell/skill attacks under their initial hit. Here is an example of a possible macro for a hunter who wants to use the backstab skill after their initial hit: north; target <mob>; shoot; south; backstab <mob>.

This is considered a normal way to use stacked commands to kill one room at a time. Additionally, a macro which targets a mob and then shoots it is fine, provided you are not sitting in one room and stacking that macro to clear multiple rooms/mobs around you.

Please note - this is the exception. Under no circumstance can you stack a kill command after a movement command. This includes doorway and area spells. This also includes stacking more than one 'charge' at a time (hint, it's more than 1 room).

Please note - command stacking in a single room, although not illegal by itself, is illegal if used in conjunction with a trigger!