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 Related Helps : Target, Ready, Lasertag, Ranged-Tactics, Archery, Volley.
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 Syntax:  shoot <item>    : Shoot an item in inventory
          shoot           : Shoot a readied item.

 Shoot is used by archers to attack a target from a distance using their 
 bow and arrow. 

 Once a target has been acquired (see 'help target'), the shoot command 
 is used to fire at them from a distance.

 You cannot shoot through a safe room or a room that monsters are unable 
 to travel through. Once you shoot a monster they will not just 
 sit there and take the damage - they will start to track you down. 

 In order to use shoot, a bow must be wielded in either the primary or
 secondary wield position and the item being fired must be of type 'weapon-
 projectile'. There is a selection of arrows for sale in the Rangers 
 Guild. Each of these items can be worn in the new 'readied' position - 
 see 'help ready'.

 To better understand how shoot works in combination with the bow and the
 arrow, it helps to think of a single 'shoot' as a round of combat from 
 another room. 

 In this round of combat, the number of hits is determined by the 
 attackers constitution, wisdom and dexterity. The 'average damage' is 
 the combined average of the bow and the arrow used. The 'weapon skill' 
 equivalent is the level of skill in archery. Shoot has no lag, but does
 have a small recovery time based on constitution and wisdom.

 Whether or not a ranged attack can be dodged depends on the type of 
 attack. Arrows fired from a bow can only be dodged by the 'dodge' and 
 'shield block' skills.

 See 'help ranged-tactics' for some further notes on ranged combat and
 how it can be used.