Spam 2

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Help Category : Information.
Related Helps : Autolist, Damage, Spam, Spamreduce.
Last Updated : 2015-07-25 20:36:09.
The following is a list of commands that can be entered to help minimize spam for a new player. Several other settings are available; type 'config all' for a list. You may also find help on each command by typing 'help <toggle>' (e.g., 'help autodesc').

spamreduce : Multiple spam reduction options. See 'help spamreduce' for a quick way to enable them all.
autodesc : Do not view descriptions when using whois.
brief : Only See room descriptions the first time you enter.
catchtell : Save tells until you type 'replay'.
damage : Selections 0 to 6 alter number of damage messages.
echodeaths : Do not see death cries from rooms around you.
healtype : Combine heal messages from potions, scrolls, etc.
maprun : Do not show the map for each step of the 'run' command.
nochallenge : Do not accept challenges from others.
nodeliver : Do not accept deliveries from Gno-Go Express couriers.
noobjlevel : Do not show levels after object descriptions.
nopeek : Do not automatically view others' inventories when you
have the 'peek' skill.
nopretitle : Do not see players' pretitles.
nowar : Do not see any announcements (declaration, start,
deaths, victories) related to warfare.
noweather : Do not see weather messages.
promptflag : Do not see quiet/afk/noexp flags in your prompt.
rsocial : Do not allow people to remote social you.
shortflags : See shortened versions of (Glowing), (Humming), etc.
Other commands which are not toggles, but may also help reduce some of the information on screen include the following:

channels : Show a list of channels that may be turned on or off.
info : Control which INFO: messages are displayed.
notify : Control login notifications.
quiet : Temporarily silence (almost) all channels.

Experienced Aardwolf players may turn off additional help/information on many game commands by using 'nohelp'. Similar level-based notifications may also be turned off with 'levelhints'.