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Last Updated : 2015-10-12 16:47:11.
Syntax: skills ((<from level> <to level>) (<filter>) | all)
spells ((<from level> <to level>) (<filter>) | all)
The skills and spells commands are used to display your character's list of available skills (or spells, as the case may be). They are listed in order of level. The practiced percentage is listed, as well as the spell number (see 'help cast') and casting cost for spells.

Without a level range, these commands will show all abilities from level 1 to your current level. Specifying a range will show all skills/spells for the given range. Forgotten Skills or spells (see 'help forgetskill') are not displayed unless the 'all' option is used.

You may also use any of the following filters for these commands:

    Affected   - abilities currently affecting you
    Area       - abilities that target an entire room
    Attack     - abilities that add an additional attack to combat
    Bad        - abilities that cause a bad affect on the target
    Combat     - combat-based abilities
    Curative   - abilities that remove bad affects
    Dodge      - the basic dodge abilities
    Healing    - abilities that heal, or affect healing
    Learned    - abilities that have been practiced above 1%
    Movement   - abilities that transport you or others
    Nofail     - all nofail abilities (see 'help nofail')
    Object     - abilities that are used on objects
    Other      - abilities that can be used on others
    Passive    - abilities that are used automatically
    Pets       - abilities that create or control pets
    Resist     - abilities that add resistances
    Spellup    - beneficial abilities
    <Stat>     - abilities that give a bonus to the given stat
    <Damtype>  - any damage type such as 'fire' - see 'help damtypes'
    Stats      - abilities that add any stats
    Unaffected - abilities that are currently NOT affecting you
    Weapon     - weapon skills