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 Help Category : Rules.
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 Last Updated  : 2015-06-12 16:45:16.
 Imms- for syntax on nochannel/etc., see 'help gag'.

 'Spam' is the term used to describe excessive use of channels, says, 
 emotes, and other verbs. Spam usually involves the same command over and
 over again, but this may not always be the case.

 Even if you enter a different command to avoid triggering the spam warning,
 you are still spamming.  Intentionally doing so is illegal.  If you send
 100 commands in 60 seconds and a majority of them are the same command, or
 good hint that you're spamming.

 If you have lost access to speak on channels, it is because you either
 cursed on an inappropriate channel, ignored the requests of an immortal to
 stop what you were doing, were generally being a pain in the ass, or
 spammed the same channel/say/emote more than 7 times in a row.

 In the last case, the mud will automatically nochannel you even if it was
 an accident.  It will expire automatically after 10 minutes; you may check
 'affects' or 'saffects' to see how much time is remaining.

 This is a necessary step to protect Aardwolf from spam- things
 can easily get out of hand with so many players online if someone's client
 goes crazy.  If you have a trigger to keep you online that emotes, you may
 also find it causes you to be considered 'spamming'. All your void/afk
 triggers need to do is press return in order for your idle time to reset.

 Similarly, if you have a trigger to automatically respond to tells, another
 player can cause you to lose tell access by forcing you to spam the same
 tell repeatedly - such triggers are not advised.  The same applies with
 triggers on global channels- don't use them, period.  Any number of things
 could go wrong and spam far more people than just yourself.

 If you were nochannelled for some other reason, you should already know
 why; if you do not know, you are welcome to write a personal note to 'imm'
 asking why.  Please keep it respectful- notes like "U SUCK! Why r u
 mother****ers nochannel me?!?!?!?!" are likely to just get you nuked.
 Spamming 'who imm' to get Imms' attention after you were just nochannelled 
 will not be met with kind results.  

 To see a helpfile on things that you can turn off to help reduce output,
 see 'help spamreduce' and 'help spam2'.